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Bad Effects Of Filters On Vehicles

Feb 14, 2017

1. the inferior persons sick in the car cabin air filter easy to increase harmful substances in car
Air conditioner filter's main role is to filter out through the air in ventilation and air conditioning systems of various particles and toxic gases. Image, it is like the car breathe "the lung" conveys air to the inside. If you use poor quality cabin air filter, installed a bad "lungs" to effectively trap air in the toxic gas, level and easy to mold bacteria, long in the environment, on the health of themselves and their families will have a bad effect.
In General, the cabin air filter replacement once a year is enough, if the air is dust as the case may be shortening the replacement cycle.
2. bad oil filter can cause engine wear
Oil filter on engine oil from the oil pan is the role of harmful impurities in the filter, to clean the oil supply to the crankshaft, connecting rods, camshaft, turbocharger, piston ring pair plays a role of lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and extend the life of these parts. If you select a coarse oil filter makes oil impurities entering the engine position, eventually leading to engine wear and needs to return to depot repair.
Oil filters usually do not need a separate replacement only oil filter is recommended when replacing the engine oil and replace with.
3. poor-quality air filters can increase fuel consumption reduces power
Atmosphere has a variety of foreign bodies such as leaves, dirt, sand, etc. If these foreign bodies into the engine combustion chamber will increase engine wear, thereby reducing the service life of the engine. Air filter is used to filter the air entering the combustion chamber of a auto parts. If you choose a bad air filter, intake resistance increases, the engine power is reduced. Or increase fuel consumption, and are prone to carbon.
Air filter service life, vary, depending on local air quality, but not longer than 1 year, more than 15,000 kilometers distance from the vehicle it is necessary to change the air filter.
4. bad fuel filter can cause the vehicle not start
Fuel filter is in the fuel containing iron oxide, dust and other solid debris removed to prevent clogging of the fuel system (in particular the nozzle). If you are using a bad fuel filter, impurities in the fuel cannot effectively filter would cause the oil plug, vehicles will also be unable to start due to insufficient fuel pressure.
Different fuel filter replacement cycle is different, we recommend that each 570,000 km change. If you are using fuel oil poor long-term, shortening the replacement cycle.