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Car Air Filters Really Do Not Matter?

Feb 14, 2017

Many people, including some small garage repair staff awareness of the air filter is not abundant, so following some misunderstanding about the automobile air filters exist.
1, Asking when buying quality
Due to the small number of maintenance personnel did not identify the importance of air filters, cheap, not for quality, feel free to buy, so loaded with abnormal engine shortly. Fake products, especially in the current market a lot of cases, should shop around carefully to purchase, always adhere to the principle of quality first.
2, the use of arbitrary removal
Engine air filter must be used, which is based on science. However, some drivers are free to air filter removed, the engine breathing unfiltered air to work directly.
3, maintenance and replacement is not practical
In practice, many driving machinery repair personnel to act according to the rules, and not according to the different environmental factors such as flexibility, hard to wait until the mileage standards and power setting is clearly an exception only for maintenance. Notes for maintenance at this time, not only unable to recall has caused losses, but also will cause even more damage.
In simple terms of lung air filter on the motor, it has a great impact on engine life, vehicle owners to pay special attention to air filter maintenance, cleaning and replacement in a timely manner.