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Change Or A Changed Relationship Between Lung And Filter

Feb 14, 2017

For car owners, if your car does not work, it would mean bad? And the culprit is actually the filter!

Survey shows that many owners ignore the filter role, found some filters blocked, simply removed, nor be replaced, over time, engine performance highly vulnerable to wear and some owners to filter our understanding is not correct, replace, for cheap, or even choose the cheaper product. As everyone knows, poor quality air filter, small suspended particles, filtration capacity is insufficient.

Look at the current air pollution, especially need the owner to enhance the filter role must arouse a high degree of attention. It should be said, not only to be replaced in time, shopping should also pay attention to distinguish the quality of authenticity.

Typically, filters are divided into oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, and act as lubrication filter, are important parts of the engine. Such as oil filters, can filter harmful impurities in the oil, crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, etc play a role in lubrication, cooling, cleaning, if careless choice inferior filters, then oil the impurities is very easy access to the engine compartment, eventually leading to engine wear and strikes, a series loss will come one after another, so careless.

Such as air filters. We know that has a lot of foreign matter in the atmosphere, such as leaves, dust, sand, and so on, into the engine combustion chamber of the engine wear, if owners do not replace the filter, not only makes the engine power is reduced, out cars are fuel, can also lead to engine failures. A small filter bearing functions should not be underestimated.

Now, of course, many owners were aware of the filter effect. Many owners of filter is broken, would also visit the 4S shop replaced. Meanwhile, the auto industry is growing so fast, filters as spare parts, like "lungs", very practical and updated iteration, was already a shortage of industry, which many foreign brands have flocked.