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Filter Maintenance

Feb 14, 2017

First, air filter
Most automotive engines use a light weight, low cost, easy to replace, high filtration efficiency paper filter for dry-type air filter, usually every 5000 km and clean them. Clean, we should take out the filter element gently end and blow with compressed air from the inside outward to remove dust from your core, do not use gasoline or water washes. Air filter must be replaced every 25000 km.
Second, oil filter
Most car engines use a spin-on oil filter, this filter is not washable disposable filters, when you change the oil must also replace the oil filter, otherwise it will affect the quality of lubricants. Oil change and oil filter cycle is 5000 km.
Third, the fuel filter
Currently most of the engine mounted is a one-time non-washable-paper filter fuel filter, replacement cycle is generally 10,000 km. Arrow marks filter the oil inlet and outlet, replace not installed backwards.