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Fuel Filter Key Performance Indicators

Feb 14, 2017

Fuel filter key performance indicators are: flow-resistance, filtration efficiency, cleanliness, etc.
Rated flow: calibration working flow of oil through the Assembly.
Bursting pressure: Assembly shell Assembly of internal pressure when the structural damage occurred.
Differential pressure: when the provisions of test oil to flow through the Assembly, and Assembly inlet pressure.
The filtration efficiency: the new Assembly when the initial state, under the test conditions specified in standard test method for filter impurities.
Cleanliness test: under specified operating conditions, determination of clean the impurities measured down the quality of the new Assembly, used to demarcate a new Assembly cleanliness.
Filter efficiency: under specified operating conditions, Assembly the ability to filter out specific test contaminant. Represented by Assembly relative to filter impurities.
Bursting pressure: block assemblies assemblies when structural damage occurs on both sides of the differential pressure.