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Knowledge Universal Air Filter Filter Fuel Filter

Feb 14, 2017

Filter is an important part of construction machinery, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, which filter you are aware of their specific roles and do maintenance? Small series of collection problems in daily use of the filter, and quickly to see what is negligence in your daily work.
Oil filter is filtering the sludge in the engine, engine oil resulting from the deterioration of their impurities, prevent the deterioration of the oil, minimizes the wear of the parts in the process.
Under normal circumstances, engine oil filter replacement cycle for the first time working 50 hours, replaced every 250 hours thereafter.
Oil and fuel filter frequently asked questions
1, in exceptional circumstances, oil filter, fuel filter needs to be replaced?
Fuel filter is in the fuel magazine such as iron oxides, dust removal to prevent clogging of the fuel system, reduce mechanical wear and ensure the stable operation of the engine.
Under normal circumstances, engine fuel filter replacement cycle for 250 hours of work for the first time, replacing them after every 500 hours, different flexible fuel quality level should be replaced.
When filter pressure gauge pressure alarm or indicator is not functioning correctly, you need to check the filters for anomalies, if any, must be changed.
When the filter surface when there is a leak or rupture deformation phenomena, need to check the filter for anomalies, if any, must be replaced.
2, engine oil filter element filtration accuracy as high as possible OK?
For an engine or equipment, a proper filtration precision filtration efficiency achieved a balance between capacity and ash content. Using the high filter precision filter, it may be as a result of low filter capacity ash filter's service life is shortened, which increases the risk of premature oil filter is blocked.
3, poor quality oil and fuel filter and pure oil and fuel filter effects on equipment what's the difference?
Pure oil and fuel filters can effectively protect equipment, extend the life of load, bad oil, fuel filter must not be very good protective gear, cannot extend the life of equipment, or even deterioration of equipment usage.
4, the use of high quality oil, fuel filter what machines can bring benefits?
Use a quality oil and fuel filter can effectively extend the life of equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and for users to save money.
5, equipment is out of warranty, and the service life is long, it is not necessary to use high quality high quality filter?
Engine easier to wear equipment, resulting in cylinders. Therefore older equipment need high quality filter to stabilise gradually upgraded wear to maintain engine performance. Otherwise, you will have to pay large fees to carry out maintenance, or you had to advance your engine scrap away. Through the use of pure filter, to ensure that you take the total operating costs (maintenance, repair, overhaul, and the total cost of depreciation) minimum, but also can extend the life of the engine.
6, filter as long as cheap, can you sound installation in the engine on the line?
Many filter manufacturers will only copy the simple imitation of the original geometry and appearance, and filter the standards of works should not appreciated, not even knowing what engineering standards are. Filter design in order to protect the engine systems, if performance does not meet the technical requirements of the filter loss of filter effects, then the engine performance will be significantly reduced, and shorten the service life of the engine. For example, the diesel engine life is directly related to engine damage ahead of the "eat" in 110-230 grams of dust-related. Therefore, the inefficient bad filter will increase the number of magazines into the engine, resulting in engine overhaul in advance.
7, the use of filter does not have to cause any problems with the machine, so the user does not need to spend more money to buy a quality filter?
Inefficient low quality the effects of filters on the engine, you may or may not immediately see. The engine seems to run normal, but a sea of magazines may have already entered engine system, and start causing corrosion of engine parts, rust, wear and so on. These damages are recessive, when accumulated to a certain extent, will burst forth. Although you don't see signs, but it does not mean the problem does not exist. Once a problem is found, it may be too late, so stick with the high quality guarantees pure filter for maximum engine protection.
Air filter
Air filter is located in the engine air inlet system, whose main role is to filter harmful impurities in the air into the cylinders to reduce the cylinder, piston, piston rings, valve and valve seat of the early abrasion, thus provide a guarantee for the normal running of the engine, output power.
Under normal circumstances, different models the air filter replaced at different times, but in the sky when the filter clogging indicator, you must clean the air filter. Where equipment and poor working environment, air filter cartridge replacement cycle should be shortened.
Cleaning the air filter, filter cannot be cleaned. Air filter only filters be replaced when the replacement, must not remove the filter for cleaning.
Air filter frequently asked questions
1, what is worn engine?
Engine wear corrosion and wear, contact wear and abrasion in three forms. Studies have shown that abrasive wear of engine 60%-70%. Engineering equipment usually work in very poor conditions, without good filter protects the engine cylinder and the piston rings will soon wear. So if you want to improve the engine's lifespan must apply filter effects good air filter filter, fuel filter and oil filter to reduce engine wear.
2, pure air filter and poor quality air and filtering equipment differ?
Assembly has inferior empty filter of engine or equipment, in using process in the often will occurred started bad, enough force, take black smoke, engine made die, phenomenon, reasons is inferior empty filter using of filter media (filter paper) is low filter paper, and filter of manufacturing process bad, to makes filter device of flow resistance increases, filter efficiency reduced, last effect to machine equipment of performance. Pure filter as compared to similar products, air resistance, high filtration efficiency, allow large amount of ash, the equipment used in the process (especially in poor areas) for minimum consumption and maximum power, extending the life of the engine.
3, buy a few inexpensive air filter, increases the number of replacement to ensure the normal operation of the engine please?
Now some users in the market to buy some inexpensive original high quality filters on the filter to replace his car, consider spending the same amount of money to buy a few common filter replacement can often protect the engine, in fact it is worth. Because price low of general filter in filter effect Shang is is poor of, some even up not to filter role, and they of using life of length is cannot is expected to of, you fundamental not know what when to replaced, and meanwhile large will on engine caused wear of magazine are stream of invaded you of engine, you not only have not to engine of power support, also will spent large of money for maintenance.