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Oil Filter And Engine Of The Important Relationship

Feb 14, 2017

You may oil filters don't know much about this stuff, do not know what its purpose is, in fact, cabin air filter, air filter and it is much the same. Are for automotive parts on the filter function, which is part of time longer.
Oil filter also known as filter, engine lubrication system, which is the removal of impurities from oil, dust, clean at all times ensure that engine oil, extend engine life. Meanwhile, oil filters are also used to ensure good sealing and lubrication system oil flow.

The role and function of oil filter:
In order to reduce the friction between the moving parts in the engine, reducing wear and tear parts, oil being transported to the surface of friction of all moving parts, lubricating oil film is formed, lubrication. Oil itself contains a certain amount of gum, trash, water and additives. In both the engine working process, metal swarf into, the entry of debris in the air, oil-n-oxide, increased oil impurities, if the oil without filtration, directly into the oil, impurities in the oil will be brought to the motion under friction surface, accelerating the damage of parts.

The type of oil filter:
Oil filters generally have three levels, namely the oil suction filter, oil fine filter coarse filters and engine oil.
1, set the filter mounted on the pump in the oil pan, General metal strainers.
2, coarse filter mounted behind the oil pump, oil, and the main oil line, mainly Metal Blade, sawdust filter type, micro-porous filter paper several, now mainly using micro-porous filter paper.
3, secondary oil filter installed in the oil pump and main oil parallel, there are micro-porous filter paper type and the piston type two. Rotor oil fine filter using centrifugal filter, no filter, effectively solving the contradiction between oil through and filter efficiency. As important as air conditioners, air filters oil filters, I believe we should now have a certain degree of understanding and awareness, it is also essential for engine, oil filter for longer engine life and protection engine has a lot of dedication. Therefore owners must have a good maintenance oil filter slightly.