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Sand Weather Car Care Cleaning The Air Filter

Feb 14, 2017

Spring really came, and sand was coming along. Spring, how nice your car? editor below describe several ways.
Clean car details
However beware, dust still more dust than usual in the car. Owner when cleaning upholstery, necessary to use with a soft cloth and detergents, not hooking, rub the rag handy to wipe the car body interiors. Plastic and cortical material is more delicate than the body, and after a windy day, cleanup is most in need of attention are dust may cause scratches. There is also need to remind you of is that pay special attention to some minor cleanup work. Dust, fine dust and sand will hidden underneath. If the owner to remove the dust on the window switch on the windshield wipers, the little grains of sand will scratch the car glass. Therefore, after a period of sand-dust weather, car owners have to be careful to clean these may hide in the sand in the wiper.
Body sealing
Leading to more sand dust weather in response to this weather, owner of best to check in advance the window rubber seal is aging, degumming, cracking, if necessary, replacement of aging as a seal, enhanced in-vehicle sealing from entering. It not only can cope with dust, after when the weather gets hot, but also to enhance the effect of air conditioning. Need to remind vehicle owners is, you should minimize the use of external circulating-air mode, and avoid a lot of dust into the car.
Protect car paint glaze
After the sandstorm, the owner should give the car wax, a new car it is best to paint glaze, this will increase the intensity of paint, to prevent small scratches caused by sand from the car body.
Clean air filter
When the dust, the dust in the air will be many times more than usual, also attached a lot of dust on the car, so when after a sandstorm, they should take the air filter out, clean the dust above so as not to affect the engine air intake, which is of great help to reduce fuel consumption. Air filter is the air filter in the engine, preventing the inhalation of foreign bodies increased engine wear, extend engine life, if too much dust on the air filter, will affect the working conditions of the engine.